Epic Games Weekly

No ads, no spam, no nonsense. Only what you're looking for; a clean, informative embed with Epic Game's weekly free games.

Invite Support

Getting started

If you want the weekly embed sent to a channel automatically;

  1. Invite the bot using this link or the invite button above.
  2. Navigate to the channel in your server where you want the bot to send the weekly free games embed.
  3. Type egw set here. Alternatively you can also use egw set #channel to set the channel without being inside it.

If you just want to view the weekly free games manually, you can run egw weekly.


Command Explanation
egw set [#channel | here] Set the channel to send the weekly free games in.
egw weekly Replies with the current weekly free games.
egw info Sends an embed with some bot statistics.
egw help Returns what you're viewing right now; the help menu.
egw ping Replies with some latency statistics.