rich-destiny is a discord rich presence tool for destiny 2

Note: This site is made mostly for Desktop. Please view on there for the best experience (this page may overflow on mobile) and example images.

This program is made to be plug-and-play, runs in the background and needs no configuration apart from authorising with your account once. Data is pulled fresh from the Bungie API, making updating the status as instantaneous as it can be. rich-destiny has 20+ unique images linked to various corresponding activities and three representing the classes (Titan, Hunter, and Warlock). These are official images made by Bungie, only edited to be white on black instead of the default black on white to make them suitable for both Discord themes.

This program runs when you start your computer and automatically updates itself with the latest non-prerelease version from GitHub releases. By not having a GUI directly, but instead communicating with this website, its download size, memory and CPU usage are severely less (~22MB, ~7MB and ~0.0%, respectively) compared to that of other software with similar functionality. Even though it communicates with this site, no data ever leaves your computer. This site is static and is communicated with by having the program run a lightweight web server locally.





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Albeit installation being incredibly easy, this small step-by-step instruction should help preventing common pitfalls or confusion. If you need further help, you can also ask questions on the Discord server.

  1. Download rich-destiny from GitHub releases or click <loading...> to download the latest version directly (also from GitHub releases). Make sure to download the executable (.exe) to its own folder, since it creates new files. I recommend creating this folder: C:\Program Files\rich-destiny and downloading it there. The executable creates new files when run (storage, logs), so you probably don't want it to clutter any important folders with that.
  2. Once you've found a neat location for the executable, double click it. This is likely to bring up a prompt noting the executable is unsecure. It isn't (you can view the source code yourself on GitHub). If you see the prompt, click "More info" and then "run anyway". This prompt will go away over time (as more people use it) or if I buy a code signing certificate, which is which is fairly expensive. Another prompt will pop up asking for administrator permissions. Unfortunately, this is needed for installing itself into the service manager so it can start up automatically. Click "Allow".
  3. Now a command prompt should appear, with a cool ascii rich-destiny logo and some informational text as to what the program is doing. There should be no errors (if there are, head to the support server), and any moment your browser should open (a new tab) to log in with When you finish the authorisation flow, you will end up on a page saying "Success!". This is all the setup you need, you can now close the command prompt by pressing Enter or closing it with the close button.
  4. That's it. If you refresh this page, you should now see the box above these instructions unblurred! This is the "configuration panel".

    As long as you play Destiny 2 once every 90 days, there is no need to visit this page again. If this program no longer does what it's supposed to do, please head to the support server and explain your issue.